Music so good, it isn't even music, really.

10 Days in the Maze and Noise for Dreamers II

I’ve finally gotten around to releasing a personal favorite of mine, 10 Days in the Maze.

I also finally got around to releasing the sequel to Noise for Dreamers.

Enjoy em!


The Benadryl Album cassette edition

Get The Benadryl Album on cassette! Check it out over at ALARM


Disbosom is a very piano driven, one-long-song type of album. I is a very psychedelic piano jam, which flows into the ambience of II, which flows into chaos of III. Total running time is 41:25.

Disbosom can be downloaded here or found on BandCamp.

An Open Letter to Lucidet on Behalf of the Spider Community of Shadow Realm

To celebrate the new website, it’s time to release some of the material I’ve been sitting on for the last few months. This album consists of 3 long slabs of harsh noise. The first song is colorful and ever changing but constantly harsh as fuck. The second is discomforting and strange, and gives you a brief break from the noise. The final track is pure HNW. By far the most transformative and intense Lucidet record to date.


  1. Remember the good times we had? We used to crawl all over you and you’d talk to us and we’d show you the other timelines. – 30:09
  2. Don’t you miss us? You hardly ever visit. Just drop in one of these days, we have so much to tell you. – 29:15
  3. Our economy has gone downhill since you left. We can’t even afford food to feed half of our children. We’re dying. – 18:01


New Lucidet Webzone! And announcement

As several people might have noticed, the old Lucidet website on SiteSled is gone. It’s gone down before, SiteSled has terrible downtime, but it’s been a few months now. I’m guessing it’s never coming back 😦

It’s time for a new thing, then. Update your bookmarks, people (ahahahahahaha who would bookmark this). Also I’m gonna modernize and go with a simplistic white page instead of a simplistic black one since that’s the new thing. I assure you that even though the website isn’t dark, the contents will still be spooky.

Ok, now for the announcement part. ALARM is going to be giving my hit record, The Benadryl Album, a cassette release very soon. I highly recommend you go to Goodwill and find a cassette player so you can send us your money.

While you’re here, check out this Boris cover I did recently.